Kelemen identified at our Friday Night League for a Euro pro trial contract

Kelemen Dominic, 16, has been part of the Olympiacos Melbourne Football Philanthropy for 2 years. After arriving as a refugee from South Sudan 5 years ago with his siblings, Kelemen seeked to build a new life in Australia.

Kelemen joined our Olympiacos Melbourne Football Improvement Centre after completing our Helping Kids Football Centre. As his confidence grew, he began to play competitively where he needed the extra training to get more game time.

Throughout this period, Kelemen’s confidence blossomed, as he experienced the care and never give up on you attitude by his coaches. On completion at the Helping Kids Football Centre, Kelemen continued to the Football Improvement Centre. He continued through our initiatives until completing our junior Euro pathway, where we was identified.

Kelemen remains on a solid training regime at Olympiacos Melbourne, while everything is put in place for his opportunity to take place. When he arrives, Kelemen will train with youth players at some of Europe’s best football academies. Players who excel at these academies are given the opportunity to play European Champions League games at a young age, allowing their player biography to excel exponentially.

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