Milad Departs Melbourne after receiving a Euro Pro trial contract in our Scouting Process

It is with pleasure that we wish Milad all the best as he departs Melbourne for a Euro pro trial contract. Milad will be heading to Portugal where he will be escorted by Sergey, our European representative. Sergey will be coordinating multiple locations for him to display his skills and have a chance to begin a pro Euro career.

Coming through our Olympiacos Melbourne Scouting Process, Milad showed skills and attributes that showed he would be worthy of immediately going to begin a pro career.

Our Euro pro football scouting process seeks males who are on the fringe of making to it National teams, A-league teams and NPL clubs. Olympiacos Melbourne assists young men and men alike get an opportunity to play professionally overseas.

We wish Milad all the best, and will continue to post news as it arises.

We continue to seek more young men and men to assist them via our available pro Euro pathways.

If you know anyone that is also looking for an opportunity through our scouting process, you may refer them to book in a free assessment session at our male free Euro scout camp.

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