Angelo identified by our euro pro representative to immediately go for a Euro pro trial contract

In addition to the identification of Yasin, we are pleased to also announce that Angelo has been invited to go for a Euro pro trial invitation with our European representative.

Angelo has trained at our Olympiacos Melbourne initiatives for over 2 years. He started at our Football Improvement Centre that helped him get more game time at the team he played for. While staying at his current club, he is now training in our Junior Euro pathway where his skill has increased significantly that has allowed him to earn the recognition he received. He is also being watched by our European counterparts.

Angelo continues to train with us as steps are put in place for him to head overseas to trial at some of Europe’s best academies, in pursuit of being in invited and starting a professional career overseas.

We thank Angelo and his family for entrusting us to work with him.

We continue to work with Melbourne’s players to give them an equal opportunity. The launch of our male scout camp allows players to book in for a free assessment session and see if they are immediately ready to go overseas.

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